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     I have long been fascinated by the paranormal. As a child, I always wandered if people really had special abilities, or whether or not ghosts actually existed. The only problem was I never had any kind of encounter. That changed after I had children.

     My wife and I married in December or 1997. We moved into my grandmothers old house (She had passed away the previous year). We began an upkeep on it, my parents had recently rented it out for about 1/2 a year. Then in 2002 my daughter was born. A precious little girl! Up until this point we had only experienced lights cutting on and off. However, after my daughter was born we began to experience a little more. Her wireless mobile would cut on at night. We linked this to the possibility that someone nearby was using a frequency similar to the remote we used for it. One night, her mobile turned on and when we went in to cut it off we checked on her, she was burning up! Her temperature was around 104° F. We had to quickly cool her off. The thought we were thinking was maybe someone or something was looking out for her? These experiences continued.

      Soon down the road my wife and I were eating at a nearby restaurant with her dad and my daughter spilled drink all over her clothes. I decided they could stay and eat while I changed her at home. So, I hurried to the house, went into her room with my back to the door and quickly changed her. During her changing, my daughter was looking behind me and laughing, as I looked back I saw absolutely nothing. Well, when I finished we headed to the door. I opened the door and began to walk out, then I heard it, and old lady call my name! Startled, I continued on back to the restaurant. My wife could tell something was bothering me, later I decided to tell her. When I did tell her, she turned white. Before I could describe the voice, she aksed was it an old woman's voice? She told me that she heard her name called out earlier that week. We both pondered, could this have been my grandmother?

     A little time had passed and the same things continued to happen, then I finally decided to try a Electromagnetic Field Detector. I had read and studied that ghosts emit EMF (Electromagnetic Fields). I sat in my daughters room (Grandmother's old room) for what seemed like hours, and yes, I was home alone. I had already walked off this area of the house to see what the EMF would pick up. You had to be literally inches from an outlet or source to set it off. There was no radio or T.v in the room. As I was sitting there and waiting, it began! I got a cold sensation and the room became foggy. The EMF went crazy, it was peaking for no reason. This continued for about 5 or so minutes. The experience ended as quickly as it had began. As soon as it ended, my wife and daughter were pulling into the driveway.

     We both believe to this day my daughter had a guardian angel watching out for her. We were never scared. Neither was afraid to be home alone. It was however, a strange feeling to have this happen in our own house.

      There have been several people move into the house after we left, each one has called to say they experienced something. Lights have cut on and off, items have mesteriouslt moved, and voices have been heard. The most recent tenants say they heard a lady say "hi" to them from the living room closet. My whole family knows someone is there, someone is watching out for those who live there, or maybe they are just making sure that someone is caring for the house.

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